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The Fifth International Festival of Postmodern Ceramics 2015/2016
The fifth International Festival of Postmodern Ceramics 2015/2016
The fifth International Festival of Postmodern Ceramics 2015/ 2016 and exhibition CERAMICA MULTIPLEX 2016 is a traditional international manifestation and exhibition of ceramics heldin Varazdin under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and 
the City of Varazdin Government.
The manifestation is organized by KERAMEIKON, the Croatian Ceramic Association, IAC Group Member
Festival Director is Blazenka Soic Stebih, president of KERAMEIKON and member of the IAC, International Academy of Ceramics - Geneva
The main exhibition entitled 
will be held from 20 August to 15 October 2016 at the exhibition spaces in Varazdin. 
Exhibitions theme is UNDER THE SURFACE.
The organizers want original and authentic artistic work as individual expression of artists personality.
Works representing ceramics as a free artistic expression will be accepted: sculpture, installation, non-functional as well as functional works. 
What is expected from the artists is a personal, original and new contribution to the art of ceramics. Combinations of different materials are allowed, however, the main material must be ceramic.
Works already displayed or awarded at other international exhibitions will not be accepted.
THE CITY OF VARAZDIN AWARD will be awarded for the best work 
GENERATIONS TO COME Award for artists under 30 years of age.

Other awards and honourable mentions will be awarded as well.
This exhibition is open to all individual artists and groups of artists from all over the world, providing they meet the criteria set by the organizers.
There is an application fee in the amount of 35 EURO net obligatory for all of artists except for the registred donors to the KERAMEIKONs COLLECTION OF WORLD CERAMICS.
See the 
Collection catalogue: http://www.kerameikon.com/pdf/Kerameikon-ZBIRKA2013-WEB.pdf
The Organiser reserves the right to invite some of the recognised artists as guests 
and not obligate them to pay the participation fee.
Other obligations (such as the delivery and restitution of works) shall remain the 
same for all participants in the competition.
All other obligations are the same for all competition participants.

Only bank payment of 35 EUR net please make to: 
KERAMEIKON, Croatian Ceramic Assocoation, 
Krizaniceva 13, 42000 Varazdin, Croatia
IBAN : HR8524840081102552617
Subject: CERAMICA MULTIPLEX 2016 - application fee
No additional cost for the organiser will be accepted.
Every applicant may participate with up to two works.
Every applicant must submit:
1.  A completed application form 
2.  CD-ROM or USB flash drive containing photographs of works in the      
 that makes publishing in JPG or TIF format possible. Each
     work must  be photographed from different angles – in two    
3.  A small photograph (portrait) of the artist 
5.  A short biography of the artist
6.  The artists statement on the guiding principle in the making  
      of the work
7.  The proof of payment 
The period of application:
from 30 March  to  15 April 2016 
The other instructions about additional way of sending of applications will be known very soon.
Applications not containing all required items will not be taken into consideration.
Selection procedure
The selection of works based on CD-ROM or USB flash drive will be done by an expert selection committee consisting of well-known experts on ceramics from Croatia and abroad.
The selection committee makes decisions regarding awards and honourable mentions. 
The committee decision is final. Applicants who are not selected will be notified, and their CD-ROM or USB flash drive will remain in the exhibition archive.
The awarded work remains in the permanent possession of the sponsor who has sponsored the award or the organizers.
Submission of works
Selected artists will submit their works according to the instructions of the organizers at the time of deadline set by the organizers.
The cost of submission and return, as well as the insurance of works in whole period, are met by the artist in their entirety.
In the event of any cost arising for the organizers upon receiving the works, the parcel will not be accepted and will be returned immediately at the artist’s expense.
The organizers of the exhibition assume responsibility for handling the works and for their insurance from the moment of their reception, during the exhibition and until the moment of their return. In the case of circumstances beyond our control (force majeure), the organizers cannot be held responsible. 
The organizers will gratefully accept if the artist donates his/her work to the KERAMEIKONs COLLECTION OF CONTEMPORARY WORLD CERAMICS. 
The cost of delivery and application fee is also in this case met by the artist himself/herself, at no cost for the organizers. 
The donated work will be added to the collection and will occasionally be displayed as part of it in Varazdin, Croatia and abroad.

See the catalogue of the Collection:
The artist donating his/her work signs a statement of donation, which can be obtained upon request at: info@kerameikon.com
The award ceremony and exhibition opening:
20th August 2012 at 12 o clock
Accompanying events
The exhibition will be accompanied by a symposium and many interesting activities and 
meetings with well-known individuals from the world of ceramics (The Artists Day) and there will also be screenings of films related to the field of ceramics and numerous workshops for artists, children and adult visitors of the CERAMICA MULTIPLEX 2012 exhibition.
Publications and information
The organizers will make sure to inform the public on time about all important activities 
related to the exhibition. 
The organizers retain the right to publish and in other ways use the images and any other material related to the exhibition and the works displayed. An exhibition catalogue and other accompanying material will be published.
Return of works
The cost of the return of works after the exhibition is met by the artist. 
The organizers will organize the return of works after the exhibition has closed.
By signing the application, the artist accepts the organizers conditions.
Contact address and information:
Applications with accompanying materials are to be sent to the following address.
All additional information can be obtained at the same address:
Croatian Ceramic Association, 
Krizaniceva 13 
42000 Varazdin
e-mail:  kerameikonexhibition@gmail.com
All other information about the event and the association: 
Contact details
Blazenka Soic Stebih
Festival Director and
member of the International Academy of Ceramics - Geneva
See the prior exhibition catalogues:
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Donation of Visnja Jelacic
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