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Vesna Koscevic

Born in 1965, Zagreb. After graduating from high school of Applied Arts, she studied textile and apparel design at University of Textile Technology in Zagreb. 
Upon completion of formal education she focused on independent work with textiles. In 1990, she moved to Italy and for some time continued to work with textiles.
In 1994, she started studying ceramics in the Italian town of  Montelupo Fiorentino(Fi), known for its long tradition in manufacturing of ceramics and glass, and from that moment began her great passion for ceramics. Apart from theoretical lessons and practical work performed in the laboratory, school organizes a practice at the nearby factory or a small artisan workshop. She completed her professional work at the Ciao Italia by Bellini factory which, unlike most others, mainly engaged in production and painting traditional type of majolica, following the line of modern design in form and decor. This gave her an opportunity to explore new techniques of decorating ceramics by following fashion trends, and consequently, gain a vast experience in the field.
During this professional work she created her first collection which achieved a remarkable success on the Italian MACEF trade fair in Milan and then later on the Table Top in New York. This success ensured a continued cooperation with the factory which later created and realized collections for hand-painted ceramics and collections witch are pc for samples purpose only decorated by hand but letter production will be run using a decal printing system. She occasionally collaborated with some other factories in Florence and Pisa vicinity. Collections were presented for promotional purposes on trade fairs such as: MACEF, Milano; Ambiente,Frankfurt; Table Top, New York; Giftware show, New York; Houseware Show, Chicago; and Houseware Show,Hong Kong for numerous clients including; Mikasa Inc., NY USA; Mercantile, Munich Germany; Whittard of Chelsea, Great Britain; Vietri Inc, USA; Charles Sadek, NY USA.   
In 2004, she returned to Croatia, first in Zagreb and then she moved to the island of Krk, where she started to independently work with ceramics. While earlier she mainly designed and realized decorations of already finished ceramic biscuit now begins to shape the clay by hand, which presents a great challenge and new experience for her. At the same time she explores new techniques of decoration.
She is still strongly focused on functional ceramics although, following her artistic development, it is no longer the primary aspect of her creation. She often finds textile as a source of inspiration for her new work, imitating fabric patterns by impressing and scratching the clay, than giving it the shape of a particular object; or experimenting with different types and colors of clay, mixing them together and using various techniques of decorating and glazing.
In 2009, she exposed her recent work at a solo exhibition in Zagreb called "Patches". 
A member from KERAMEIKON, Croatian Ceramic Association, from 2011.

Krcka 11
51512 Njivice
e-mail: vesna.tko@inet.hr


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