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Izabela Bilic Rovis

Izabela Bilić-Rovis was born in 1969 in Pula where she finished her elementary and high school education. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb.
She mastered basic techniques of shaping pottery under the mentorship of Croatian well known ceramist Marina Orlić, and also adopted the basics of pottery in pottery workshop "Merania"
under the guidance of Labin's master potter Massimo Jenkel. She graduated pre-school education at the University of Pula with the master theme 'Clay as a medium of children's creativity' under the supervision of academic painter Vera Kos Paliska. She initiated the
association 'Legengrad' during the year 2010. The association is oriented towards work with preschool and young school children, implementing the program verified by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. She is an associate of the children's department of Pula City Library, Istria County Family Center, and also implements her program in preschool institutions in Pula. She has set several exhibitions of children's works ("Clay and imagination can do anything," "Child and clay", "Pula in the hands of children").
She is married, she is mother of five children and lives and works in Pula.


Brunjakova 26
52100 Pula

Prof. Vera Kos Paliska, academic painter, writes about her work:
"Clay in the hands of man from ancient times leaves a trail of life in the utensils and artifacts, and thus lives timelessly. Clay in the hands of Izabela Bilić-Rovis approaches contemporary art from tactile fingerprints in shaping the artistic contributions, to his own collection of poems "Cakavcice" to very serious ceramic compositions. She explores the world of plastic forming in a very simple but aesthetically refined utensils bowls and lamps, to the flowering of black and white and colored geometric solid compositional forms. Like Calder, she uses wire as a holder for finely shaped balls and squares and thus spatially creates new visual sensations, poetry and freshness.
She is extensively involved in teaching. She demonstrates excellence in guiding children through motifs molded in clay while respecting freedom in children growing up to the cognition of the cultural heritage and lifestyle.
The creativity portrait of Izabela Bilić-Rovis is outlined in her collection of poems "Cakavcice" where besides excellent verses in Istrian dialect she formed all visual art contributions in clay. She merged the living heritage of Istrian dialect with tactile touch of land.
Izabela Bilić-Rovis has all the prerequisites, education and talent to leave a mark in contemporary ceramics. "

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