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KERAMEIKON, Croatian Ceramic Association


the Croatian Ceramic Association represents a non-profit NGO that gathers ceramic artists, Pottery craftsmen, Art experts, curators, Pottery lovers, institutions, associations and all other who are interested to participate in the promotion and development of ceramic Art.

The prescribed goals on the Association: to develop and upgrade the level of communication and collaboration among ceramic artists on a global international scene.

Exhibition in Zagreb
Galley of Ljerka Njers in Zepce
Exhibition of Margareta Krstic
Exhibition of Zdenka Pozaic in Krk
Message from Japan for international potters

My friend Wali Hawes (http://www.walihawes.com/wrote to me:

Dear Blazenka,
I have received this message from Japan:

Ryoji Matsumiya has a request for us as the past participants in the Goshogawara Woodfire Festival
at Kanayama.  Ryoji and the Kanayama staff are making 15,000 cups to donate to the survivors of the  earthquake and tsunami.  These are made by Ryoji, Risako, Toru, Kudo and Junko.  So far they have completed 6,000 (about 700 per day).

The Situation
The earthquake and tsunami have created very serious damage in northern Japan with over 10,000 known
deaths already.  Many tens of thousands of Japanese families have lost everything and are homeless.

Ryoji's Request
On May 1, Kanayama will host its annual spring festival and show.  Ryoji would like to sell cups made by you, the international artists, and donate the money to the survivors.  So he asked me to write to you.  Any number of cups and tableware would be appreciated.  Please send the cups and a personal message from you to the people to:

Ryoji Matsumiya
5-79 Chiyozuru Kanayama
Aomori-ken  037-0011

On the usual customs form, list the items as gifts and put a small value on them ($1 to 5 each). 
Ryoji will setup a special sales area for this donation from potters from around the world. Links with updates can be found here with updates in English too.


I am glad for this opportunity to show my support together
with Wali.

Warm regards,
Blazenka Soic Stebih,
president of KERAMEIKON,
Croatian Ceramic Association
and member of IAC, Geneva

7th International Biannual of Ceramics in Kapfenberg

7th International Biannual of Ceramics presented by the City of Kapfenberg will be held in Kapfenberg
from September 30th – November 6th 2011
and in Varazdin (Croatia) from December 6th -December 31st 2011
under Motto : „INSIDE OUT“
All entries have to reach the Cultural Center in Kapfenberg
before June 15th 2011.


XIIth International Ex-tempore of Ceramics

Ex-tempore Piran 2011 will be held form 3rd -8th September.

Application dead line: not later than 1st June 2011.

Exhibition of Visnja Markovinovic in Zagreb
Exhibition of Marta Milunic
2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale

2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale will be held  in Taipei
County Yingge Ceramics Museum from July to November 2012.

The dead line for application is April, 15 2011

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