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KERAMEIKON, Croatian Ceramic Association


the Croatian Ceramic Association represents a non-profit NGO that gathers ceramic artists, Pottery craftsmen, Art experts, curators, Pottery lovers, institutions, associations and all other who are interested to participate in the promotion and development of ceramic Art.

The prescribed goals on the Association: to develop and upgrade the level of communication and collaboration among ceramic artists on a global international scene.

The exhibition of Boris Roce, member of KERAMEIKON in Rijeka
The exhibition will be held from Friday, 19 October till November, 2 2007 in the Gallery Juraj Klovic in Rijeka, M.Gupca 4 a
Exhibition of Robert Wrana, member of KERAMEIKON in Cakovec
The exhibition will be held from October, 4 till 20 2007 in the Exhibition hall of Culture center in Cakovec. The curator of exhibition is Blazenka Soic Stebih, president of KERAMEIKON.
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