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KERAMEIKON, Croatian Ceramic Association


the Croatian Ceramic Association represents a non-profit NGO that gathers ceramic artists, Pottery craftsmen, Art experts, curators, Pottery lovers, institutions, associations and all other who are interested to participate in the promotion and development of ceramic Art.

The prescribed goals on the Association: to develop and upgrade the level of communication and collaboration among ceramic artists on a global international scene.

Exhibition of Zdenka Pozaic
KERAMEIKON in Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Call for application on the exhibition LIKE A DOLL
Calling for Projects from Belgium

Art/terre 2010 in Belgium from September 13 till 19  2010.

Dead line for application: April, 30 2010

Call for application International Ceramic Symposium Neumünster 2010
In late summer 2010,four artists from Germany and from abroad are invited to apply to the International Ceramic Symposium Neumünster 2010. The topic “transformation” will be the focus of the symposium. Graduates of art schools and experienced ceramic artists are invited to participate in the competition with
a idea sketch.The three-week symposium started on August, 29 2010 as a major part of the 12th cultural festival “Kunstflecken”. For the artists materials, tools and kilns are available. Costs for materials, accommodation, meals, and a travel subsidy will be provided by the organizers. This symposium and the resulting art objects will be shown on the exhibition at the Gallery of the Stadttöpferei Neumünster and in the Landesmuseum in Schleswig-Holstein in Gottorf. Each participant will donate one of their resulting works to the Stadttöpferei Neumünster.
Croatian artists in Piran, Slovenia
The General Assembly 2010 of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) Geneva

The General Assembly 2010 of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) Geneva will be held this year in Paris from 13th – 16th, September,
the PRE-ASSEMBLY TOUR from 6th-12th, September
and POST ASSEMBLY TOUR from 20th –23rd of September 2010.
The registrations to the General Assembly 2010 in Paris for members and non-members are exclusively organized through the following webpage:

The registration for the General Assembly, Pre-Tour and Post Tour is the 25th APRIL.
The programme for these events are downloadable on the registration-webpage


His Excellency ambassador of Japan Yoshio Tamura with his wife visited KERAMEIKON.
KERAMEIKON organized the big Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Ceramics in the City Museum of Varazdin and
grounded KERAMEIKON’S collection of contemporary world ceramics with almost 200 works of ceramic art from all over the world. The winners of the prizes for the young ceramic artist are two from Japan: Yoshikazu Ikeda in 2002 and Keiichi Tanaka in 2009.

Exhibition in Skopje, Macedonia

LAZAR LICHENOSKI STATE SECONDARY SCHOOL OF APPLIED ARTS in SKOPJE and SKOPJE CITY MUSEUM celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the school.
It will be exhibition of paintings by all of former and current teachers.
The exhibition will be opened by Mrs. Elizabeta Kancheska Milevska, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.
City Museum, on Friday, March 26th, 2010 at 08:00 p.m.
One of the partcipants is also Filip Fidanovski, honourary member of KERAMEIKON from Macedonia.


Grad Vara˛din
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